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My Story

My name is Michael Stiekema (stick-em-a) and I am the one-man-army of Stiekema Wine Company. I fell into the wine industry over 13 years ago, accidentally, on my search for life's purpose. With a BS in Viticulture & Enology, my dog and shadow, Ziah, we are exploring the Central Coast to find the means for high caliber winemaking. With my expertise and passion, I have crafted some truly exceptional wines that can be enjoyed by everyone.


My vision is to create a world where balance is at the forefront of our lives, both spiritually and through winemaking. I believe winemaking is a tool to connect us with our inner selves, the earth, and the people around us, promoting harmony and well-being. 

I strive to produce wines that reflect this balance, using sustainable and regenerative practices in the vineyard and winery, fostering a community of growers, makers, and enthusiasts who all share this value. I believe that by honoring the natural cycles of life and the land, we can create wines that not only taste exquisite but also nourish our souls.

Through the commitment to balance and harmony, I hope to inspire others to lead a more fulfilling and meaningful lives, where the pursuit of excellence is balanced with the appreciation of the present moment. I Envision a world where the joy of winemaking is not only in the product but in the process, where every step is taken with intention and care. 

Join me on this journey towards balance, where the sweetness of life is savored in every glass.