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2022 Syrah

100% Syrah.

The nose of this Syrah is bold and captivating. Aromas of dark fruits immediately make their presence known, with blackberries, black cherries, and ripe plums. Subtle undertones of violet and dried herbs add an additional layer of complexity to the aromatic profile. Upon the first sip, this Syrah unveils its full-bodied nature and intense flavor profile. The palate is dominated by luscious dark fruit flavors, with blackberries and black currants. A touch of oak influence becomes apparent, with subtle vanilla and cedar notes contributing to the wine's overall structure. Its robust and complex character, with luscious dark fruits, savory elements, and well-integrated tannins, makes it a captivating wine.

This Syrah pairs beautifully with hearty dishes such as grilled meats, braised short ribs, or lamb stew. It is a wine that will continue to evolve and develop with age, but can also be enjoyed in its youthful vibrancy.

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/ 100% Syrah
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